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What I Learned From Doing a 4-Day Work Retreat

  A couple of weeks ago I found myself with an unusually clear week. A few of my 1:1 clients were traveling and we had moved their sessions to either the week before or the week after, and both my Bridge Online Cello Studio… Continue Reading “What I Learned From Doing a 4-Day Work Retreat”

The 5 Questions I’m Asking Myself This Quarter

  Do you think of each year in Quarters? It’s a very corporate framework, for sure, and doesn’t always jive perfectly with the artist or performer’s calendar (I mean, unless you have to pay quarterly taxes-blech). We usually start things up just after Labor… Continue Reading “The 5 Questions I’m Asking Myself This Quarter”

How to Invest in Yourself at Any Price Point

When I moved to warm and sunny Bermuda from cold and dreary Boston back in 2016, I knew I wanted to do 2 things: 1) to bring more of my entrepreneurial side to my music career, and 2) to grow food year-round.  I had… Continue Reading “How to Invest in Yourself at Any Price Point”

Your New Year Reboot

Happy New Year! This break has been such a gift. My husband and I both had 3 weeks off from teaching, which gave me a week of normal coaching work, plus additional time to prep for the holidays, 1 week with my family visiting… Continue Reading “Your New Year Reboot”

Finding Inspiration Where You Least Expect It.

  A couple of weeks ago, I found myself at a cozy farm in Canada for a 3-day Creativity retreat with my mastermind group. This trip had been on the books for months, and it was scheduled to coincide with the end of 3… Continue Reading “Finding Inspiration Where You Least Expect It.”

Why I am a Huge Fan of Content Deprivation Weeks

  There are a lot of folks out there peddling “Productivity Hacks” or “How to be more productive” “Get More Done in Less Time!” and for the most part, I ignore them. I do a lot, and I think I work pretty well. If… Continue Reading “Why I am a Huge Fan of Content Deprivation Weeks”

A Pandemic Year in Review

  And here, we are. One Year Later. When thinking about what this week’s post should be about, I was initially opposed to adding what will surely be an avalanche of “reflections upon this past year” posts. I figured it would be like the… Continue Reading “A Pandemic Year in Review”

Bloom Where You’re Planted

Last week, we talked about figuring out the kind of location that best suits our individual nature and the idea that as classical musicians, we often just let inertia decide where we are going to live our lives.  How we often end up either… Continue Reading “Bloom Where You’re Planted”

Spotlight Series: Elena Urioste

Ahhhh. Another Monday.  Have I told you how much I love Mondays? No? Because I REALLY love Mondays.  I see a future post coming… Today, however,  we are shining our spotlight on yet another kickass female who is disrupting our little classical music world… Continue Reading “Spotlight Series: Elena Urioste”