The Flight to Bermuda

When people ask me where I live, I’m not quite sure what to tell them.  You see, after 5 years (one married) of doing the Boston-Bermuda long-distance tango with my boyfriend/husband, Paul, I decided to give up one of my jobs (the teaching position at an amazing school that required me to be in town M-F every week), and move to Bermuda.  Except that I didn’t, really.  Not exactly.   I mean, I did give up the teaching job, but in addition to that, you see, I am a cellist.  Given that there isn’t really a thriving classical music scene on an island as small as Bermuda, and because I am not willing to give up my performing career, I decided to keep one foot in Boston as well.  So my “big move” has really been more like a small seismic shift.  It means that “home” is now two things for me.  Home 1 is in Boston–my charming little condo that I have had forever, it’s where many of my oldest and dearest friends are, where my colleagues are, where most of my concerts are.  And then there is Home 2: Sundeck (all of the houses in Bermuda have names-isn’t that charming?) Sundeck is the only place I have ever lived in Bermuda.  It’s a large, sprawling 3-bedroom rental that overlooks Hamilton Harbor.  It is where Paul is, where my garden is, and where my heart and soul reside.   And so it goes, I live in two places now.  As I start to navigate all that this means–scheduling Boston things while I am in Bermuda, being present in my Bermuda life from afar, having to travel to other places, and hoping that I have what I need with me in my departing city, deciding where all of our lovely wedding gifts are going to live, etc. I try to remain grateful that I have the opportunity to do this, and try to remember that we are lucky to be able to have this lifestyle; to have the best of both worlds.  The bustling, culturally rich city life, and the laid-back, sunny, sailboat filled island life simultaneously.  What about you? Have you ever shifted your life slowly in a different direction? What did that feel like? What lessons did you learn along the way?

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