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Happy Friday, Everyone!  After a few concert-filled weekends all in a row, I am looking forward to a quiet and low-key one this week.  We’ll go over to the Yacht Club tonight for a glass of wine, and on Saturday and Sunday, while Paul is off puttering with the boat and cheering on his students at a school science competition, and I will be curling up with this amazing book, catching up on a few little house projects, and having brunch with my friend Alison.  Here are a few things that have caught my attention this week.


Basically everything you need to know about Saturday’s March for Our Lives Rally

These might be the perfect Concert Heels  Not TOO high, and the strap makes them more secure for walking on and off stage.

Yes.  This.

I’m heading to Charleston in a couple of weeks, and I am so looking forward to goinhere,  here, and here.….and maybe here, too 😉

Dreaming of summer (yes, even in Bermuda, we dream of summer).

Easter is right around the corner.  Time to stock upand don’t forget these! but would you try these?

I’m putting together my April reading list, and thinking about this book.  Have any of you read it?

These are on my must-have list.  I’m tired of having to take my shoes off at the airport.

Yesterday was World Down Syndrome Awareness Day, and this video warmed my heart and made me do that weird laughing-smiling-can’t-stop-crying-at-the-beauty-of-it thing.

In Bermuda, everyone heads over to Horseshoe Bay Beach on Good Friday and flies kites.  Seriously.  Kites Everywhere!  I think that this year, we should all fly these to show our support for equality, human rights, and gay marriage.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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  1. I LOVED “The Great Alone.” Keep me up reading it! Sooooo good.

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