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Maximizing Your Day: How to Achieve Remarkable Results in Limited Time

This morning I did a podcast interview with a woman who lives in Jerusalem. If you’re reading this blog post in real-time (November of 2023) There is a war going on there. Life is not pretty. And yet this mother of 7.5 is there,… Continue Reading “Maximizing Your Day: How to Achieve Remarkable Results in Limited Time”

Are Toxic Beliefs Holding You Back?

Richard Koch, who wrote The 80/20 Principal (great book, btw!) about how 80% of one’s results in both business and life come from 20% of their efforts, is about to come out with a new one called 80/20 Beliefs. Similar concept: That 80% of… Continue Reading “Are Toxic Beliefs Holding You Back?”

Why You Should Take Some Time Off

  I just got back from 10 days in England and Sicily. I still get giddy from boarding a plane without a cello–Talk about luxury! The trip was 50% family and 50% vacation, but it was 0% work.  The time was full of deep… Continue Reading “Why You Should Take Some Time Off”

The Surprising Addiction I Never Knew I Had

It’s been 3 months now since I made my decision to “retire” from being a professional performing cellist. There were a lot of expected feelings and thoughts that came up for me. I have missed the things I thought I would miss (the camaraderie… Continue Reading “The Surprising Addiction I Never Knew I Had”

How to Fulfill Your Potential: Step 1

What would it look like if you were to reach your full potential?    This, my friends, has been the question that has been eating at me for the past couple of years. Finally, I gave in and decided to dedicate some real time… Continue Reading “How to Fulfill Your Potential: Step 1”

Canceled by Coronavirus: Will the Show Go On?

What do we musicians do when public health concerns shutter our performances and make travel risky? As I write this, the concern over contracting the COVID-19 virus has gone from “If you or someone close to you have traveled recently to China” to a… Continue Reading “Canceled by Coronavirus: Will the Show Go On?”

Are You a City Mouse or Country Mouse At Heart?

The question of where one prefers to live is as old as Aesop himself. The City mouse scoffs at the simplicity of Country Mouse’s life but the Country Mouse prefers the safety of his quiet life (rather than be attacked by dogs in the… Continue Reading “Are You a City Mouse or Country Mouse At Heart?”

5 Ways a Summer Music Festival Will Change Your Life

It’s cold and gray in Boston this third week in January, but I’ve got July and August on my mind.  That’s right–it’s time to get serious about summer music camps and festivals. From 2-week long day camps to 8-week long orchestral institutes, the options can be overwhelming, and what kind of festival to attend is going to be between you and your teacher (and your budget).  But what they all have in common, is the tremendous amount of growth you will achieve by attending one.  Here are the 5 ways attending a summer music festival will change your life:

Finding Our Tribe as Classical Musicians

I feel like every time I turn around, someone is talking about “finding your tribe”, and offering how-tos, advice and new podcasts.  There are 10 new books out on Amazon this week with the word “Tribe” in the title.  So, what, exactly, is this… Continue Reading “Finding Our Tribe as Classical Musicians”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all of you the Happiest Thanksgiving Weekend.  May your cranberries be canned (yes!) and your turkey not be burnt to a crisp. Here are a few of our more popular recent posts, in case you need a break from the game, an escape… Continue Reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”