A Few Friday Favorites

Happy Weekend, Everyone!  This is the only weekend all month that I will be at home in Bermuda with Paul.  International Race Week is starting up, so P will be out on the water (his happy place).  I’ll be cheering him on, teaching and doing some practice coaching, and catching up on some gardening and reading.  I can’t wait.  I’ll be in Boston the next 3 weekends for various things.  Crazy! Here are a few things I’ve been enjoying lately. If you’re in a browsing mood, take a look.

My friend Miriam turned me onto this podcast, and it is SO interesting!

This rug would be so cute for a back patio or a screened in porch.

She had me at Cardamom

It was a big week for Armenians everywhere.

Apparently, culottes are big this spring.  Thankfully, they are extremely cello-friendly!  I like these, these and these.

This is perfect for picnics in the park, beach bonfire nights, and music festival noshing! It would make an excellent Mother’s Day gift, don’t ya think?

And speaking of Mother’s Day, this mug cracked me up.

What a great gift for a high school graduate!  I love the idea of filling it with starbucks and chipotle gift cards!

The Bahamian Government has just announced a major initiative to ban all single-use plastics from the island by 2020.  Here’s hoping Bermuda (and the rest of the world) follows suit!

I needed to get a new A String when I was in Boston, and they were out of my usuals.  I decided to give this new one a try, and I am totally in love.  Clear, strong, and just right for my instrument.


Biking at Grape Bay Beach

Have a great one!  Cheers!





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