This Was the Moment That Changed Everything For Me.

April 2020 was a strange month for me. (I know, I know, but hear me out)


In January, I had started working with my business coach, Jennifer Rosenfeld, in her group program.  It had a hefty price tag–hefty enough to give one pause–but I went into it determined to make that money back (and then some!)


Even pre-pandemic, I had ideas about growing my online teaching work and although I wasn’t completely sure HOW I was going to do it, I was inspired by the group of like-minded musicians I was surrounded with in my new group.


I knew a couple of people who had worked with Jennifer in the previous round of her program, and one of the biggest highlights for them was when they all flew to LA to have a 3-day, in-person, live intensive.  They all stayed at a nice hotel, shared meals, had epic brainstorming sessions, learned A TON, and made new connections that have served them well. They couldn’t stop talking about it.


I was looking forward to our version of the live intensive, which was going to be held in Philadelphia in mid-April.  I cleared the week in my calendar and booked the hotel. We were all SO EXCITED to hang out together.



Instead, the world shut down.


Philadelphia was canceled.


I was heartbroken.


But then….Jennifer announced that while our private in-person mastermind session wouldn’t be able to happen, she was going to host a 3-day “Live-intensive” online, and she was going to open it up to others as well.


I was skeptical. 


I was disappointed. 


It would no longer be “just for us” 



It was incredible. There were over 50 of us there, and the energy of that group was astounding.  50+ classical musicians. Some were using this event to polish up their offers and tweak their projects, and others were brand new to the idea of taking charge of their careers and working on a project of any kind. But I’ll tell you, there were 50+ completely different ideas about what their dream projects were.


Isn’t that amazing? We really do all have our own different take on things.  Our unique voice.


We were able to choose between different sessions in the various breakout rooms (talking about things like social media, growing an email list, finding your ideal students, having enrollment conversations, and building a great website) Network with and meet new people, catch up with old friends, and share our struggles, our ideas and get amazing feedback from Jennifer and the other superstar guests that she brought in.


Jennifer even asked me to lead one of the sessions, and I think that was the key moment when I realized just how much I love doing this work.


And I never looked back. 


Since then, I have launched an international festival, a 9-month cello program, a group coaching program of my own, and have taken on several 1:1 clients to help them create projects of their own.


So, when Jennifer announced that she was going to be hosting a 2nd Virtual Live Intensive this November, and asked me to join her in leading some more sessions, I jumped at the chance.


This year’s version promises to be even bigger and even better.  With more superstar guests and more enlightening sessions.


If you are interested in growing the business side of your music career; whether you have a set project in mind or are looking for that key to open up a world of opportunities, I cannot recommend this experience highly enough.


And especially if you are curious or intrigued by this growing world of musician’s business coaching, this is a super-affordable entry point.


The Early Bird price is $397 (until November 10th) and then it goes up to the regular price of $497 (which is still a ridiculously low price for what you’re going to get out of it).


You can sign up using THIS LINK, and I’ll put your name in to a drawing for a free half-day 1:1 strategy intensive with me (a $750 Value!)


*Jennifer has generously offered me an affiliate link for her event, which means that she is giving me a percentage of any registration fees that come in through me. Obviously, I’d still be recommending this event to everyone I know even without the affiliate benefit, but just wanted to be completely transparent with you all!

So, the big burning question: DID I end up earning back the hefty price tag of my first group coaching program?


I did. In fact, I sort of chuckle at the fact that I was ever worried about it.  Because it’s not uncommon for me to earn that much in a single week these days.  Life looks completely different now.


Come and join us on November 18-20th and see what might be possible for you. I promise you won’t regret it.



In the meantime, join us in the TFTL Facebook Group.  I go live there each and every Thursday at noon EST.


And if you’re interested in talking about some ideas you have about growing or restructuring your teaching studio, starting a festival, or creating new and interesting performance opportunities, or just about what might be possible for you in this current landscape, you can book a free 30-minute Discovery Call with me by clicking THIS link.


See you soon!



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