My February Reading List

Was one of your new year’s resolutions to read more?  Because I can help.  I have a thing that I do–a method, if you will–for reading more, and not getting stuck in a rut.  I do realize that there is probably something seriously wrong with me.  This obsession I have with structuring every thing I do, but I swear it works, and it makes reading more of a pleasure and less of a chore.  Here goes.  Ready? Nerd Alert:

Each month, I choose 4 books.  But not just ANY books.  Certain Books.  Of the four, one will be a Shakespeare play, one will be related to my work as a professional cellist, one will be a novel, and one will be some non-fiction book that I heard about and piqued my curiousity.   This works for me because the month-long timeline gives me a hard deadline and pushes me to read just a few more pages so that I can finish all of the books by the end of the month. BUT, it also allows me to read according to my mood.  Sometimes you feel like reading some Shakespeare, and sometimes, boy, you just really DO NOT FEEL LIKE READING SHAKESPEARE, and that’s okay, because you have three other options right there next to old Will.

Okay, okay, full discloser, I have been a total and complete slacker on the Shakespeare front since the holidays, and I’ve also been trying to get through the same damned novel for about 2 months now.  But I am determined.  I’m back in it, folks, and here are my picks.  If anyone wants to join me in reading any of these, I would love to discuss them afterwards—maybe we can make that a thing…

Okay, here goes… Kate’s February Reading List:

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  1. Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice 

“What news on the Rialto?” It’s short, and it’s a comedy.  Let’s ease ourselves back into this gently, shall we?

  1. Music Book: The Art of Practicing by Madeline Bruser

My brain has been obsessed with this topic for a while now, and I can’t stop trying to figure out how I can help my students (and myself!) get better results without wasting a ton of time.  I can’t wait to see what Ms. Bruser has to say about the matter.

  1. Novel: Outline by Rachel Cusk

This title came out of Saturday night’s Laydeeez night.  My friend Yun, whose impeccable taste in all things I can only aspire to, said that she has been reading it and was madly in love with Cusk’s writing style.  We’ve decided to all read it and reconvene our old book club.

4. Wild-Card Non Fiction: You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

I will admit, I thought the title of this book was hilarious (and cheezy as hell).  But I heard Sincero being interviewed on a couple of different different podcasts and I really liked her take on starting a business and using one’s creativity to find solutions and “make it work”.

I’m excited. And as soon as I finish the last of my January books (that damned novel!) I’ll be starting in on these.  What have you been reading lately?  Let me know in the comments and if you have any suggestions for my March Reading List, I would love to hear them!



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