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Time-Blocking: The Creative’s Best Friend

  You know how “the experts” are always telling you to think about the thing that seems completely obvious to you, that other people aren’t doing, and then go out and teach that thing? Well, for me, one of those “things” is Time-Blocking.  Clients… Continue Reading “Time-Blocking: The Creative’s Best Friend”

Easing Into the New Year

If you’re reading this in real-time, we’re waking up to week 2 of the new year. Now, I love any excuse for a fresh start–be it January 1st, the start of a new quarter, the 1st of the month, Mondays, or even my 5:30… Continue Reading “Easing Into the New Year”

Resetting the Thermostat On Your Life

When I lived in Boston, whether I was feeling broke or simply in one of my “I should save as much as possible” phases, I would decide that I could lower the thermostat in my condo, and cozy up in wool socks and warm… Continue Reading “Resetting the Thermostat On Your Life”

In Praise of the Expected

  I was incredibly fortunate to have grown up in an almost surreal musical environment where everyone was good. Like, really good. As a group of young musicians, we were almost absurdly good. The bar was high, and in our own individual ways, we… Continue Reading “In Praise of the Expected”

An Artist’s Struggle for Balance

There’s been an interesting transformation over the last decade or so between what is now known as “Hustle Culture” (complete with those horrid rose gold embossed “Boss Babe” mugs—cringe) and today’s current “Self-Care or Bust” mentality. Don’t get me wrong–we need to take care… Continue Reading “An Artist’s Struggle for Balance”

The Surprising Addiction I Never Knew I Had

It’s been 3 months now since I made my decision to “retire” from being a professional performing cellist. There were a lot of expected feelings and thoughts that came up for me. I have missed the things I thought I would miss (the camaraderie… Continue Reading “The Surprising Addiction I Never Knew I Had”

Can Your Daily Habits Really Determine Your Success as an Artist?

  The buzzword of the last few years has been “Habits” and I think we can all agree that we have James Clear, author of the #1 Best selling book (of all genres!) of 2021, Atomic Habits to thank for that. He goes deep… Continue Reading “Can Your Daily Habits Really Determine Your Success as an Artist?”

An Open Letter to My Students

  My Dear Students,  You might be curious as to why I have decided to step away from playing the cello–after so many years of focusing my life around it.  After all, this thing that you are striving towards–this ability to play well enough… Continue Reading “An Open Letter to My Students”

On Giving Up My Performance Life

  Here’s a riddle for you:  Q: What do you call a musician at the height of their career (whatever that means…) who decides to stop performing?  A: I don’t know. Nobody does that.    Except that’s exactly what I’ve done.    A few… Continue Reading “On Giving Up My Performance Life”

How Gardening Made Me a Better Musician

  Throughout my life, there are only two things that have remained constant fixtures: Playing the cello, and Gardening.  In fact, my 2 earliest memories are of eating all of the raspberries in the allotment when I was about 3, and playing French Folk… Continue Reading “How Gardening Made Me a Better Musician”