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5 Ways You Can Generate $5,000 Quickly

  Scene: A 14-year-old, promising young cellist named Kate is told by her teacher that she really needs to attend her first big summer festival that year. The festival in question was 6 weeks long, and cost a lot of money. Money that we… Continue Reading “5 Ways You Can Generate $5,000 Quickly”

Taking a Chance on Yourself: How I transformed my life (and my finances) over the last 7 years

  Last week I had the pleasure of hosting my four-day mini-event, Thrive Fest ‘23: Planning for Optimal Impact, and we talked a lot about you can use this year to FINALLY launch some of your dream projects. A few of the things I… Continue Reading “Taking a Chance on Yourself: How I transformed my life (and my finances) over the last 7 years”

The 3 Big Myths That Are Holding You Back

  About 6 months ago, I was invited to be a contributing author for a book about female entrepreneurs. Although my own full-length book was already in the works, Business on Purpose would be fast-tracked and would mark my debut as an Author (capital… Continue Reading “The 3 Big Myths That Are Holding You Back”

How to Reinvent Yourself This Year

    This year, my life is going to look wildly different than any other, and I’m so excited.  September starts this week, and with it, a brand new season. Whether you are a musician, an actor, an artist, a student, or a parent,… Continue Reading “How to Reinvent Yourself This Year”


“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, Kate. I just can’t do it.”   I didn’t panic. I’d heard this many times before. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve said it myself in the past. I knew what to do.  In my coaching work… Continue Reading “Ready…Set…WAIT!”

Are Toxic Beliefs Holding You Back?

Richard Koch, who wrote The 80/20 Principal (great book, btw!) about how 80% of one’s results in both business and life come from 20% of their efforts, is about to come out with a new one called 80/20 Beliefs. Similar concept: That 80% of… Continue Reading “Are Toxic Beliefs Holding You Back?”

How to Succeed at Everything the First Time

  Think of something you have been doing since you were a kid. Maybe that’s performing, writing, telling stories. Maybe it’s a sport.  Do you remember the very first time you did it? Me neither. I played and performed on stage as a cellist… Continue Reading “How to Succeed at Everything the First Time”

Shedding a Long-Held Identity: My decision to stop teaching

I taught my first cello lesson when I was around 13 years old. It was a younger student of my cello teacher, whose parents were both busy professionals, and not at home to help him practice. They lived close to me, so Mrs. B… Continue Reading “Shedding a Long-Held Identity: My decision to stop teaching”

Getting Through a “Spectacularly Busy Time” Like a Champ

The parent of one of my chamber music students texted me the other day to say that her daughter would need to leave our next coaching early in order to get to her school music concert. She was so apologetic–she knows that the group… Continue Reading “Getting Through a “Spectacularly Busy Time” Like a Champ”

What if We Gave Ourselves Report Cards?

A few weeks ago, I was doing my morning pages, and there was a thought that kept popping up for me.  “Everything in my life is at about 85%” Why is that? I thought about all of the various areas of my life–my health,… Continue Reading “What if We Gave Ourselves Report Cards?”