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How to Make Tough Decisions: A 5-Step Process

  This past week I was faced with a tough decision. One of those decisions that I didn’t want to have to make, but it was on me to make it.  On Tuesday afternoon, Exactly 1 week before Day 1 of the Creative Leadership… Continue Reading “How to Make Tough Decisions: A 5-Step Process”

On Giving Up My Performance Life

  Here’s a riddle for you:  Q: What do you call a musician at the height of their career (whatever that means…) who decides to stop performing?  A: I don’t know. Nobody does that.    Except that’s exactly what I’ve done.    A few… Continue Reading “On Giving Up My Performance Life”

Is It Time to Rewrite the Script?

  Last week’s blog post and ensuing social media posts and my weekly FB live session were all about “Getting past our fear of what other people might think” and one of the points I made garnered so many DMs, Emails, and comments that… Continue Reading “Is It Time to Rewrite the Script?”