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How to Invest in Yourself at Any Price Point

When I moved to warm and sunny Bermuda from cold and dreary Boston back in 2016, I knew I wanted to do 2 things: 1) to bring more of my entrepreneurial side to my music career, and 2) to grow food year-round.  I had… Continue Reading “How to Invest in Yourself at Any Price Point”

Where is the Line Between Self-Acceptance and Complacency?

Many of you know I’m currently working on a book, and the subject is Potential. Defining it, Striving for it, Reaching it.  And it’s brought up a lot of questions for me. One of which is this: At what point does striving toward what… Continue Reading “Where is the Line Between Self-Acceptance and Complacency?”

The No-Yes Spectrum

When someone asks you to do something, and I’m talking about the whole gamut of asks, here: from “Wanna grab some dinner after rehearsal?” to  “Mom, can I sleep over at Molly’s house on Friday?” to “Can you perform all 6 Bach Cello Suites… Continue Reading “The No-Yes Spectrum”

The Possible vs. The Impossible

I heard a story several years ago on a podcast about a kindergarten teacher who asked her students to draw a picture of what they wanted to be when they grew up. Most of the kids drew pictures of doctors, people in suits, firefighters,… Continue Reading “The Possible vs. The Impossible”

How to Plan For the New Year in an Age of Uncertainty

  All of us planners out there in the world learned an important lesson in 2020. You can make all the plans you want, but… You know how that one ends.  And it’s true, we only have so much control over how things will… Continue Reading “How to Plan For the New Year in an Age of Uncertainty”

An Artist’s Struggle for Balance

There’s been an interesting transformation over the last decade or so between what is now known as “Hustle Culture” (complete with those horrid rose gold embossed “Boss Babe” mugs—cringe) and today’s current “Self-Care or Bust” mentality. Don’t get me wrong–we need to take care… Continue Reading “An Artist’s Struggle for Balance”

Why It’s So Hard for Artists to Believe in Themselves

I can remember it so clearly. It was a gorgeous spring day—the kind you look forward to for months when you’re living in New England. The kind that puts everyone in a good mood. And I was in a great mood for other reasons… Continue Reading “Why It’s So Hard for Artists to Believe in Themselves”

What it Really Takes to “Up-Level” Your Career

As I’ve been promoting my upcoming masterclass (Choosing the Legacy Path: How to Up-level Your Career and Make a Greater Impact) this week, I’ve been getting a lot of great questions via emails, DM’s, and social media comments. Two, in particular, popped up a… Continue Reading “What it Really Takes to “Up-Level” Your Career”

Which Path Are You On?

  Of all of the fun, awesome, “pinch me moment” kind of things I have done in my career–exotic travel, fancy-pants concert halls, getting to meet and hang out with top performers, composers, and conductors, running chamber music programs, and having recordings I was… Continue Reading “Which Path Are You On?”

The Surprising Addiction I Never Knew I Had

It’s been 3 months now since I made my decision to “retire” from being a professional performing cellist. There were a lot of expected feelings and thoughts that came up for me. I have missed the things I thought I would miss (the camaraderie… Continue Reading “The Surprising Addiction I Never Knew I Had”