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The 5 People You Need Around You to Find Success (Part 3)

(This is the third in a 5-part series)   How are you doing? It’s been A WEEK over here.  A week of last lessons, college applications, (more!) letters of recommendation, Christmas preparations, and general wrapping-up-of-the-year type things.  Wednesday night I was coaching a quartet… Continue Reading “The 5 People You Need Around You to Find Success (Part 3)”

The 5 People You Need Around You to Find Success (Part 2)

  (This is the second in a 5-part series)   As we creep ever-so-slowly towards 2021 (seriously, friends, will 2020 EVER END?) a lot of us are thinking about the career curveballs that were thrown at us last year, and are taking a firm… Continue Reading “The 5 People You Need Around You to Find Success (Part 2)”

The 5 People You Need Around You to Find Success (Part 1)

(This is the first in a 5-part series)   Last week, inside the Tales From The Lane Facebook Group, I hosted a 3-day training on how musicians can take advantage of the opportunities presented by our current circumstances to re-write not only their careers… Continue Reading “The 5 People You Need Around You to Find Success (Part 1)”

The Only Mantra You’ll Ever Need

The other day, I was at the optometrist’s getting a lesson on “how to insert and remove contact lenses”. I have wanted contacts ever since I had to start wearing glasses regularly (hello 40’s!) and I have been terrified of them for just as… Continue Reading “The Only Mantra You’ll Ever Need”

What Makes You A Musician?

There is a question commonly asked amongst people in the Armenian diaspora: What makes someone Armenian? You see, just over 100 years ago, and throughout history (and into this week, sadly) Armenians have been displaced from their homeland and have spread out all over… Continue Reading “What Makes You A Musician?”

This Was the Moment That Changed Everything For Me.

April 2020 was a strange month for me. (I know, I know, but hear me out)   In January, I had started working with my business coach, Jennifer Rosenfeld, in her group program.  It had a hefty price tag–hefty enough to give one pause–but… Continue Reading “This Was the Moment That Changed Everything For Me.”

An Antidote to Election-Week Anxiety

    Anyone here got the election on their mind? Yeah, me too. After an exhausting 6 years, we can finally see the end in sight for one of the world’s worst leaders. People all over the world are watching what will happen in… Continue Reading “An Antidote to Election-Week Anxiety”

The Magic of New Ideas

  Think of three BIG IDEAS that have occurred to you in your lifetime. Do you remember what it felt like? I can recall 3 of mine: Specifically, 1 idea I had when I was 11 to start a summer camp in my backyard.… Continue Reading “The Magic of New Ideas”

But What Will They Think?

The Classical Music world is a strange one, isn’t it? It’s full of magic and wonder and skill and talent. From a young age, as soon as we know that we are going to pursue this as our life’s calling, we surround ourselves with… Continue Reading “But What Will They Think?”

The September Reset

It’s Labor Day! Hard to believe we have been through 6 months of COVID-19. Take a deep breath, and pat yourself on the back. You have been a total rockstar. Adjusting and adapting to a new work-life, new home-life, dealing with lockdowns, canceled vacations,… Continue Reading “The September Reset”